Personalized fan

This is a great gift for those who have taken care of you.

We will put your name on an Edo fan, a Shikebiki fan, and a cloth fan.
(However, ink is not available for Shibu fans, sandalwood, sandalwood, sandalwood, and hinoki fans.

Photo sample: Edo folding fan and silk fan with personalization

■ How to order: Please order the "fan" to be personalized separately. 1. Order a "fan you wish to have personalized" from a separate page


Order an Edo fan at 2. Order "color", "desired position*" and "desired text" on this page

[Note: If you have more than two items, please itemize each foundation fan and name in the desired letter.

*The place to put the name will be left to the discretion of the calligrapher depending on the fan. Please understand that we may not be able to meet your wishes.

This fan is personalized b y calligrapher Beniho Higawa.