Edo Sensu No.15 Go Makyu (it works)

"The End of Corona Prayer."

Ma Guro, Ma Guo Yu, and Ma Guo Yuku are all reading 'good', and there are many calls and writings for good, good, and good.There is a meaning that everything is good and everything is good.
Since ancient times, nine horses have been
It is said that it represents nine lucks and the passing of the test, and it is said that the relationship is good.
Also, all nine horses depicted on the fan are left-handed,The left horse is also a good thing,There's nothing to go right.If you show good power in the best game here,There's been a saying. So,The horses on the picture are also left.

The wild horses swarm, and in the old days, they might have been told, "If you meet a nine-horse horse, there is good thing."

What I'm saying is

This is a kind of judging, a kind of meaning that is written with a meaning in a letter or picture, but it solves meaning, and it is a word, object, and meaning hidden.

Commodity details:

7.5cm (22.5cm) Tang Bong Bak

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