Edo fan set No.30, Asanoha, Ball, light red, in paper box

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 What is the hemp leaf pattern?

Hemp leaves grow so fast that they can reach 4 meters in 4 months, and because they grow straight up, they are used to wish for the healthy growth of children.

The hemp leaf pattern also has the meaning of repelling evil, and has been widely used as a pattern for maternity clothes since ancient times.

What is "Temari" pattern?

Temari" is also used in furisode (formal kimono for coming-of-age ceremony), and it enhances a woman's dainty charm.

Temari is a girl's plaything,Temari is also a tool for girls to play with and a symbol of parents' wishes for their children's happiness, such as "for children to grow up in a round and round way," and "for everything to settle down in a round and round way.

It is also customary to give a Temari-patterned kimono as a good-luck charm to the bride-to-be, in the hope that she will be able to build a happy family.

The Temari pattern is also meant to ward off evil spirits throughout a woman's life, from when she is a small child to when she is an adult.

This light red Edo fan combines "hemp leaves" and "Temari".

7.5" size(22.5cm) Yaki sooty bamboo

Made by Ijasen

Comes with a paper box.


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