Ono no Komachi, Honkin gold leaf shell-matching

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Honkin gold Ono-Komachi ".Gold Leaf Shell Matching

This is a genuine gold shell-matching, painted one by one by a traditional craftsman.

Ono no Komachi's haiku "...The colors of the flowers are fading, while I am busy with my own life.The pair is also paired with the haiku "The colors of the flowers are fading.

Clam shells are paired with "Hana no hana ni Utsukeri kakeru na Itadazura wa me no sei wa furu nagame seshima ni". The two open pairs of clam shells are the symbol of conjugal bliss.

Please enjoy the graceful Yamato-e and haiku painted by artisans on the gold leaf.

Clam size (one size), pair of two, stand sold separately
Width: approx. 3.5 cm
Depth: approx. 3cm
Height: approx. 1 cm

Please note that the stand for matching shells is sold separately.