Edo Fan Aoi Sea Wave / Kikugo

7.5 dimensions (22.5 cm) Tung bamboo

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Aoi sea wave isA handle that makes the wider sea feel the benefits of bringing back, and the Kitanito sentence where "the future of the future and the wish for peaceful life" is incorporated.

There, a stylish fan that the chrysanthemum triling was combined there.
Kabuki Actor Miokami Kikugo is a wider in the world.

The four freaks and five stripes are assembled to the lattice, and in the lattice, It expresses the name of Goro.

Kikkoro grid. Kikugiro dyed. It is also said.

Mao Kugoro Kugoro, the Kabuki Academy of the Edo period. He is a soul of the sea. Now it is also active in the seventy of the seventh.

The form of "Listen to the good of Edo Fan" is the actor statement that this third generation is preferred.

It is a stylish pattern that went to "Listen to".

"Listen to the good thing of Edo Fan" is here >>

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