Edo Fan No.31 "Asanoha" Cloud, Light Lily Color

What is hemp leaf pattern?

Hemp leaves grow so fast that they can reach 4 meters in 4 months, and since they grow straight up and up and up, the design is meant to express the wish for the healthy growth of children.

The hemp leaf pattern is also meant to ward off evil.

What is the cloud pattern?

Clouds have great power to make it rain or snow and to influence the weather by their movement.

People in ancient times believed that gods and spirits resided in these mysterious clouds. In ancient China, it was believed that everything was formed from clouds.

Clouds drifting in the sky were named "cloud qi" or "auspicious clouds," and were regarded as auspicious.

In Japan, clouds were used in various patterns and designs during the Asuka period (710-794) under Chinese influence.

In this Edo fan the "Zui-un" design on this Edo fan expresses the auspiciousness of clouds.

Product Details

22.5cm Bamboo 

Made by Ibasen

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