kai jing jinko type

It is a fan of the maijeon standard, which is about 28.5cm longitudinal and about 50cm (open) longitudinal, and it is a different pattern on the surface and back, so you can enjoy it twice for seasonal use. It's a fan of hand-drawn.
It is a copy of the "Kenshin Lightning God" of the Sondai and the "Nakiaki-koshi-do-kaze" of Sakai Koichi.
Please give the delivery a week or so.

The "Sumami-Akihashi" was originally painted as a back painting of the "Wenshin-Tin-Din-Dai-Feng" in "Omi-Gawa": "Tin-Dai" depicts "Akihashi" in the wind behind the rain-wet "Nakakusa" wind-shin. It is a work that contains a lot of respect for light, including the selection of ground flowers for the heavenly god, and the image lists the surface and back of the hilt.

fan aggregate/black bamboo
Size / 9 dimensions 5 minutes (about 29 cm)
between the number of bones/10
double-sided painting
日本で作られた domestic fan/kyung fan
Gilt material - in the foil-sized foil of the fountain-sized foils handled by the book-good foil/in the shop, it is the highest-grade foil, recommended for genuinely-oriented customers.

[The fan base is sold separately] [the gift has a dedicated box] [usually set it in a dedicated paper box]If you buy a fan and a table together, you can bring two in a set box, and you can use both the fan bases on the stands and walls, and the decorative fan is a perfumeless.
The sledgeant is a separate fan6-Dimage black-painted bamboo tatami6-Dimension Goma TakedaePlease choose more.
six-dimensional sesame bamboo tiesix-dimensional black-painted bamboo table
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