7-21 double-gold fir, foil pine, bamboo and plum/flower wheel

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Decorated Kyoto fan

This is a decorative fan of the Mai-fan standard. This decorative fan measures approximately 28.5 cm in length and 50 cm in width (when opened). The front and back sides have different patterns, so you can enjoy it twice depending on the season or purpose. Flower carts are often used in kimono patterns. It has been familiar to Japanese people since ancient times as a motif to express congratulation. It is a pattern that can be displayed all year round, so it is very useful to have one.
Please allow about one week for delivery.
Please note that the pattern may differ from the one in the catalog because it is hand-painted one by one.

The pine, bamboo, and plum tree is a well-known symbol of celebration. Please add color to the festive mood by displaying the pine, bamboo, and plum masks at New Year's and other celebratory occasions. The image shows the pattern on the front and back.

Fan bone material: Black lacquered bamboo
Size: 9"5" (approx. 29 cm)
Number of bones/10
with pictures on both sides
Japanese folding fan/Kyo Senshi Made in Japan
Fan base / double gold fir (foil) - High-quality foil. Because it is rubbed once by hand, there is a wrinkle-like texture left on the surface after rubbing. It does not have the luster and shine of Ryokin aluminum foil, but has an elegant soft luster. The color is gold with a little bit of silver mixed in, which gives it a calm color.


[Fan stand sold separately] [Comes in a special set paper box].The fan stand can be used both as a stand and for wall hanging. Decorative fans are unscented.
The fan stand is sold separately.6" black lacquered bamboo stand set box6" sesame bamboo stand set boxPlease choose one of the following.

*We also have a special paulownia box for gifts. Please inquire.

Size: 9.5

Material: Gold leaf, silver leaf

Pattern: Foil pine, bamboo and plum / Flower wheel

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