7-23 ryogane Momi red and white plum / iron wire

Ornament Kyoto fan Mai fan type

It is a decoration fan of the dance fan standard. It is a decoration fan of about 28.5cm in length and 50cm in width (open state). Because the surface and the back side are different patterns, you can enjoy it twice according to the season and the application.
It will take about one week for delivery.

The plum blossoms of Minamotohira are pleased at the time of the celebration because of its gorgeousness.
The beautiful blooms quietly color the calm rooms of winter.
The other is the iron wire which has been familiar to the Japanese for a long time. The noble figure was gently dropped into the fan surface.
The image shows the pattern on the surface and the back side.

Fan bone material/black-painted bamboo
Size: 9 dimensions 5 minutes (about 29cm)
Number of bones / 10
Double-sided painting
Domestic fan / Kyoto fan Made in Japan
Fan fabric / bi-gold mite foil - is a high-quality foil. Because it is licking once by hand, there is a texture like a bag that remains after it is licked on the surface. There is no gloss and light like both gold aluminum foil, and there is a refined and soft luster. It is a calm color mixed with a little silver in gold.


[Fan stand is sold separately] [There is a special box for gifts] [Usually, we will set it in a special paper box.] ]If you purchase a fan and a stand together, we will deliver them in a set box. The fan stand can be used for both stand and wall hanging. The decoration fan is fragrance-free.
The fan stand sold separately[6-sun black-painted bamboo stand][6-sun sesame bamboo stand]Please choose more.
6-sun sesame bamboo stand6-sun black-painted bamboo stand
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