7-23 Boyboy Mom Miyu Shimakyu / Iron Line

Decorated Kyosan

It is a decorative fan of Mai fan standard. It is a decorative fan of about 28.5 cm vertically and about 50 cm wide. Since the surface, the back side, each different pattern, it can be enjoyed twice according to the season / application.
※ Delivery will be about one week.

The plum blossoms in spring is pleased with the gorgeousness and I am pleased to Keuji.
A neat blooming is calm and calm in the winter gentle room.
The other is the iron wire that has come to Japanese since ancient times. I dropped the flavor on the fan.
※ The image shows the pattern of the surface and the back side.

Folded Material / Black-painted bamboo
Size / 9 dimensions 5 minutes (approximately 29 cm)
Number of bones / 10
Domestic Fan / Kyosan Made in Japan
Folding Fan / Boy Mill Foil-A fine foil. Because it is dangerous by hand, there are textures like wrinkles that remain after trying to surfaces. There is no one, such as both gold aluminum foil, and it is elegant and soft gloss. It is a calm color with a slight silver color for golden colors.


[Folding fan is sold separately] [dedicated set paper box included]A fan platform is both on the stand and wall hanging. Ornament fan is anchoring.
Open fan platform[6 dimensions and plaster tailored table set box][6 sombers Takejo set box]Please choose more.
6-dimensional somber Takettle set box6 Dimp and Painted Takejo Set Box
* There is also a dedicated box for gifts. Please contact us.
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