7 - 24 gold leaves

Decorative Kyoto folding fan

It is an ornamental fan of maiko. It is about 28.5 cm wide and about 50 cm wide. Because it is different pattern on the surface and the back, I enjoyed it twice to season and use.
* it takes about one week for delivery.

I made two big icons beautifully decorated with four cherry blossoms and red leaves. The bright red leaves bloom in the room. On the other side, the cherry blossoms on the back were made by the impression that the cherry blossom color was calm and shiny. It is a pattern which is also pleasing as a gift for foreigners. Please consider it.
* the image is printed on the surface and back.

Fan material / black bamboo bamboo
Size: 9 cm
Number of bones / 10
Both sides
Japanese fan / Kyoto fan maid in Japan
Fan / double gold leaf foil - fine foil. Since it is scratched once by hand, there is a wrinkle texture remaining on the surface. There is no such thing as both gold aluminum foil, and it is elegant and soft gloss. It is a little bit of silver color, and it has a calm color.


[fan]Fans can use both stand and wall hanging. Decorated sensu is fragrance free.
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