Anti-dyeing fan [Aoshuminas] 100% natural 藍 100% antimicrobial mask and fan bag with fan bag

How about splashing prevention and antimicrobial measures?

2020 new workNatural Pure Hospital (Ash Jujiya) 100% natural

In the old pharmacy transmitted to the Edo period, the daiganago of the Tade family was fermented and dyed with natural materials (Thursday, Sake, etc.).

The characteristics of natural are said to have a colorfulness and colorful, and it is said to have an effect of drug efficacy (moisturizing, deodorant, antibacterial) since ancient times.

You can choose from 3 patterns (Aoshumin Wave, Shizuku, Wave).

7.5 cm (22.5 cm) Man and Women

Natural Atsushi 100% Antimicrobial Mask

※ The case is not an indigo dye.

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