Aizome fan [Aomiha] with 100% natural indigo antibacterial mask and fan bag [Half-price sale for a limited time until Father's Day].

Online store only, half price sale for a limited time until Father's Day. How about splash prevention and antibacterial protection?

New for 2 0 2 0 < / s t r o n g > Natural pure indigo dyeing (lye fermentation construction) 100% natural indigo

An ancient method of dyeing handed down from the Edo period, indigo dyeing of the Tadaceae family is fermented and matured with natural materials (wood ashes, sake, etc.).

The characteristics of natural indigo are that its color brightens and blends with time, and it has long been said to have medicinal properties (moisturizing, deodorizing, and antibacterial).

You can choose from three patterns (blue sea wave, droplet, and wave).

7.5cm (22.5cm) Unisex

100% natural indigo with antibacterial mask

*The case is not indigo dyed.

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