Aizen fan with 100 % antibacterial mask and fan-bag.

Would you like to prevent droplets and antibacterial measures?

Shinsaku by 2020Natural Blue Lam (fermenting by fermentation): 100 % natural indigo

In the old dome (old dyeing), which was handed down in the Edo period, it was made of natural materials (wood ash, Japanese sake, etc.) made of natural materials by fermenting and maturing.

The characteristics of the natural indigo are said to be effective in coloring colour with time, and the effects of medicinal herbs (humidification, odor, and antibacterial) have been effective since ancient times.

You can choose from three patterns: blue, sea, sea, and waves.

7.5cm (22.5cm): Men and women

an antibacterial mask with 100 % natural indigo masks

* Cases are not indigo dyeing.

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