Overseas production Sensu sandalwood Sensu Sensu Put-Tung boxed

It is a folding fan processed by the traditional skill of the Chinese Nanjing Heian period minutely.


Another name: Sandalwood, chinaberry

I smell very good when I look up for celebrity as materials of the folding fan. The sandalwood smells for a long time, and the normal folding fan lasts a long time whereas the first fragrance gradually decreases.

It takes approximately approximately 30 years before it is available as wood, and a price is big, and the height changes by a good point and the quality of the fragrance at around 15m with the mature tree. The folding fan which is made with a sandalwood because acquisition is very difficult becomes very valuable.

The pattern prepares for "Chinese phoenix and two of flower" "Yang Guifei".

Sandalwood folding fan ..23cm

Material book sandalwood

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