Sensu Sengi-dansensu, Sensu Sensu Sensu (folding fan with fan),

This is a hand-processed fan made of traditional techniques during the period of the Nanjing Dynasty in China.

Bai Dan

Alternate name: Sandalwood, sandalwood

It is also famous as an ingredient for folding fans, and it has a very sweet fragrance as it is.In contrast to normal sensu, the first fragrance is becoming less and less, while the ebony ebony has long fragrance.

It takes about 30 years to use it as a timber, and the mature tree is about 15 meters high, and the price varies greatly depending on the flavor and quality of the aroma.The fan made of sandalwood is very valuable, because it is very difficult to obtain.

I have two designs: "Phoenix, Flower" and "Yang Guifei".

Swan Sensu (Japanese fan): 23 cm

Material Honebonan

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