Edo Sensu (folding fan) No. 19 Matoi (Matoi)

2.5cm (22.5cm) Shiratake

It is a type of hatajirushi (flag bearers) used by each group of firearms in the Edo

There is a head at the top, and a long narrow ornament hanging from the top is called an 'bare' (bamboo blind), and there is a tufted paper or leather tufted decorative ornament.

They are dancing when they are held or rotated with their hands.

The fun and the fun of each pair of ununique makeshids spread out, and the pleasure is spreading.

Fang-Iku-ga (New edition)

Overview of Files: Ikuichiga (a new version) (new edition)

Source: 3-1-2-4 of the National Diet Library

Date and time of creation: Ansei 3

Writer: Yoshiiku OCHIAI

Copyright and usage restrictions: PD-old-USJP (public domain)

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