Edo folding fan No.19 MURAMURA

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7.5cm (22.5cm) White bamboo

Made by Ibasen

A type of banner used by the firefighting teams of the Edo period.

It has a head at the top representing the clan, and a long, thin decoration hanging from the top called a "baren" (bamboo blind) with a tassel made of paper or leather.

The banner is held in the hand, and when it is raised or rotated, it dances.

The fun is enhanced by comparing each group's unique baren with the one of the other group.

File Summary: Houikiga_Kumo Tsukushi (new version)

Source: National Diet Library, Yoribetsu 3-1-2-4

Creation date:3rd year of Ansei era

Author:Yoshiki Ochiai

Copyright/Restriction on use:PD-old-USJP(Public domain)

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