Entering No. 25 Edo folding fan both sides pattern crest of three squares literary fame case

Enter and, to this product, do the name.

※For delivery of goods, I have for around two weeks from 10th.

The folding fan price: 6,300 yen (without tax) + name case charges: 3,000 yen (without tax)

About a folding fan

I assumed it the family crest of the school with the thing which Kabuki actor first generation Danjurou Ichikawa devised from "a lightning sentence" afterwards. With a measure of the large small and medium size as a nest of boxes, I say the thing which made form judging from the top a pattern with "a crest of three squares sentence". There are the various variations including the thing which I scattered the "crests of three squares" and the thing which I arranged "a crest of three squares" for between stripes. A nice ring fits "the measure" if "I increase", and it is said that it is lucky. It is called "three nested measures".

A pattern is printed on the both sides.

With "the conundrum"

It is kind of the riddle with "the conundrum". Although I find an excuse and wrote the significance in a letter or the picture, I decipher a meaning. Guess hidden word and thing, meaning right.

The product details:

7.5 寸 (22.5cm) firing smoke-stained bamboo

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