Edo Sensu (folding fan) No. 25, with a name of 3 to 3.

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Sensu fee: 6300 yen (excluding tax) + name in: 3,000 yen (tax without tax)

About the Sensu

It was invented by Danjuro ICHIKAWA, the first Kabuki actor, from "Inazuma" (Inazuma mon), and later became a family crest of the Ichimon.It is called 'sanmasu - mon ' (three masu-mon) for the shape of a small and medium sized masu, which is made into a pattern from the top.There are various variations, such as 'masuseki' (three masu), or 'sanmasu' (three masu) among the stripes.The 'masu' (masu) is said to have a good luck in the word 'increase' and it is said to be good luck.It is also referred to as ' sanshitsu-masu. '

A handle has been printed on both sides.


It is a type of 'hanjibutsu' (a type of Japanese style).It is written with meanings of letters and pictures, but it is something that is meant to solve the meaning.a word or thing or meaning that is concealed from a person's meaning.

Product Details:

7.5cm (22.5cm) Yakusuchiku

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