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The Hannya Shingyo (Heart Sutra), known for its famous phrase, "Color is emptiness, emptiness is emptiness," has been treasured since ancient times as a scripture that captures the essence of Mahayana Buddhism in a mere 264 characters. This sutra contains the profound knowledge and fervent wish of Kanjizaizai Bodhisattva to save all living beings from all kinds of suffering through insight into the truth of emptiness. We pray that this Hannya Shingyo fan will bring you happiness.

Supervised by Kiyotaka Kimura, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo

Scripture Writing by Yoshimizu Odanaka

Founded in Tensho 18, Tokyo, Nipponbashi, Ibasen

7" 25 ken (21cm)

This product can be used for amulets, Buddhist rituals, and other daily use.

Made by Ijasen

Size: 7 sun (approx. 3.03 cm)

variety: light yellow

Pattern: Heart Sutra