Hiogi Ogi (red and white plum) fan: Korin OGATA Korin Kiribata stand-to

Ijo Senshi is a high-end gift gidson for gifts.
(with stands and large paulowboxes)

As a gift, it is an ornamental fan that is best suited for decorative points in the room.

He is the motif of Korin OGATA's "Kohaku Baigu" (image of red and white).In addition, there are 'Hanakuma' and 'Shidaizakura' (cherry blossoms).

Hi-ogi (Japanese cypress): Iba Sengen Original Sensu, 24
price -150,000 (separate consumption tax)
Materials Wooden (Japanese cypress wood)

Kyo-sensu (folding fan), ' Shidaizakura '

Sensu was born in Kyoto.

Its history is old, and it goes back to the Heian period.

It is said that the first fan, 'Hi-ogi,' was born in the Heian period, which was used in the Heian period, which was used as a replacement for the paper.

It is said to be the oldest cypress fan in Japan, which was found in the arms of the Thousand-armed Goddess of the Thousand-armed Kannon in To-ji Temple, which was recorded in the first year of the Genkei.

This cypress fan was a thin sheet of Japanese cypress and was a painter of the Edo period.Korin OGATA's "Red and White Bum Figure"This is the original technique that includes the latest techniques of modern makie techniques and the techniques of artisans in Kyoto.

Make a thought of the old days of the Heian period, and take up the decorations for the end of the year.

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