Hinoki fan "figure of red-and-white plum" Kourin Ogata wooden stand, paulownia treasuring

It is a high-quality folding fan for exchanges of presents that 伊場仙 sends.
(with a stand and the large paulownia box)

It is the decoration folding fan which is most suitable for a point decoration indoor for exchange of presents use.

I make "a figure of of Kourin Ogata red-and-white plum" a motif. "I hang down, and there is a cherry tree" with "delicateness" elsewhere.

檜扇伊場仙 original folding fan ..24cm
・Price 150,000 yen (road according to the consumption tax)
・Material Wooden (hinoki materials)

Kyoto folding fan hinoki fan "I hang down cherry tree"

The folding fan was born in Kyoto.

The history is old and dates back to the Heian era.

It is said that the first fan "hinoki fan" was born from the thing which let you bind a narrow strip of wood with message used in substitution for record paper in the Heian era when God was valuables.

The Gankyo era first year discovered from the arm of Kannon-with-One-Thousand-Arms image of To-ji Temple and a thing written down are done with a hinoki fan of our country oldest.

This hinoki fan to the sheet of the hinoki a painter of the Edo era,"Figure of of Kourin Ogata red-and-white plum"It is the original which I match the skill of the craftsman of Kyoto with the latest technique of the modern lacquer work, and finished の pattern.

I think in old days of the peace, and, please display it for a long time.

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