Silk Fan Yhara Senshusen Sakura Insert

Draw a cherry blossom with a silk fan of Yellow water sacrents.

The color and shape are different because it is one by one handwritten. It is one fan in the world only.

Flowers also contain flowers in the fan bag.

Oshima Lotus Teacher

【Oshima Lotus Profile】
I am from Chiba Prefecture. Otsuka Textile College and Craft Staining Department.
She draws a mimono design at Yama Design Office and is currently working on kimono and yukata at the Lumix Design Studio design.
She at the same time, a greeting card design with a major stationery manufacturer, NB Sea, etc. Besides this, she is illustration, magazine cut, illustration etc.
She is active in the taste of Japanese, making use of crafts and 装 装.

※ Delivery will be around 10 to 2 weeks.
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