Twichiai Senshi No. 16 Kanze Sui (Water for Kanze)

It is a cotton fan with a hand-wiped handle.

Kanze-sui (Kanze sui)Bunsama

The flow of water, which is constantly changing, has the meaning of purity and is considered to be a symbol of the future forever.In the style of mizu-bunsama itself, it means'demon evil = demon,' 'flowing water is not rotten,' 'purity' and ' fire-burning. 'Among the mizu-bunsama, 'Kanze sui,' which is especially famous for its water flow and vortex, is especially famous for its constant infinity, and it is derived from the fact that it was used as the monjo of Kanze tayu in Nohgaku (the Noh theater).It is used for the cover of the folding fan and the Yokomoto (Noh song) book.

Size:cm (21cm) 

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