Twiwai Sensu No. 3 Kitcho Bunyo, Chidori, the Waves and Clouds

It is a cotton fan with a hand-wiped handle.


Chidori refers to a married couple and a safety of the family.

I'll take a thousand.They get a lot.It represents victory and richness.a bird of the aquatic family, a bird that is short and small and a cute little bird,

The history of Chidorigara has been a popular pattern since the Nara period.Even in the middle of the sea, the "Chidori" refers to the relationship between husband and wife, as well as domestic safety, in the sense that the waves are going to the world, even the waves of the waves, and the waves.

Flying Chidori is also linked to the image of happiness in their family.

Size:cm (21cm)

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