Ieyasu TOKUGAWA Kosode Konjukarakusanzama-sama-no-zama-sairo

Iba Sensen Original Sensu

The original fan of the Tokugawa Brand of Iba, the original fan, 22cm

It is a kosode (kosode) that was used by Ieyasu, which is owned by the Tokugawa Museum, and the official name is 'karakusa-monyo' (a pattern of the Chinese characters), which is written around the twelve petals of kikubun around "Kikugarabe-mon Tsujigahanosode," which is called " KonjiIt is placed on a dark blue background and reminds you of the fireworks in the night sky.The Sensu mask has two colors, including the blue background, in order to avoid being monotoned.

materials and paper soot

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