Japanese traditional art fans

Ukiyoe print publisher, IBASEN has 400 years history in Japan. Founded in Edo period, IBASEN has been publisher for Ukiyoe such as Hokusai and Kuniyoshi.

Please have a look at collection of authentic Japanese print folding fans and rounds fans.

Uchiwa Factory

Nihonbashi Horie Town (now the name Kofune Town) is said to have been many fan factories near the riverbank since the old days of Edo.

Edo Uchiwa made out of 1 bamboo by torn. Our shop has made a variety kind of Uchiwa of paintings of Hiroshige and Yotokuni from the late Edo period for 400 years.

The fan you have today is made with the same technique as it was back then and it’s all handmade.

Please enjoy the Edo technique and coolness of Edo by all means.

IBASEN co ltd, founded in 1590

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