Terms of service

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Terms of Use

These Terms of Use (called "this agreement" as follows.) determine the use condition of the service (called "this service" as follows.) that 株式会社伊場仙 (called "us" as follows.) provides on this website. To the registered user (called "a user" as follows.), please use this service according to this agreement.

Article 1 (application)

1. This agreement shall be applied to a user and all relations about use of this service between us.
2. We may do various fate (called "an individual rule" as follows.) such as rules on using it other than this agreement about this service. These individual rules shall constitute a part of this agreement regardless of the name.
3. When the rule of this agreement contradicts the individual prescribed rule of the preceding article; in an individual rule special; an individually prescribed rule shall be given priority to as far as do not establish it.

Article 2 (sign-in)

1. A sign-in shall be completed by a registration applicant applying for use registration by the method that we establish in this agreement after an agreement in this service, and our approving this.
2. When I judge that an applicant of the use registration has the following reasons, we may not approve the application of the sign-in and shall not carry all duties of disclosure on my back about the reason.
1. When I report a false matter on the occasion of application of the use registration
2. When it is the application from the person who has violated this agreement
3. In addition, when we judge use registration not to be considerable
4. I deliver the latest information or campaign information in an e-mail magazine from 伊場仙 by having you do a sign-in. I would like setting to receive email (info@ibasen.com) from 伊場仙. The visitor of the hope of the e-mail magazine delivery stop delivers it than a link of the lower right of the e-mail magazine that you sent and can stop it.

Article 3 (verboten)

The user must not do the following acts on using this service.
1. Act in violation of laws and ordinances or public order and morals
2. Act in conjunction with the criminal act
3. The act that the contents of this service infringe the copyright included in this service, trademark others intellectual property rights
4. The act that I destroy the function of the server of us, other users or other third parties or the network and interfere with
5. Act to use information provided by this service commercially
6. The act that might interfere with the administration of our service
7. Act I access it illegally or to try this
8. It is collection or an act to accumulate by the personal information about other users
9. Act to use this service with an unjust purpose
10. Act to be disadvantageous to other users of this service or other third parties, and to give the damage, discomfort
11. Act to pretend to be other users
12. The advertising on this service that we do not consent to, an advertisement, invitation or business act
13. Act to give profit for antisocial power in conjunction with our service directly or indirectly
14. In addition, act to judge that we are inappropriate

Article 4 (I set a limit to the use)

1. When a user corresponds to any of the following, without a prior notice, it limits all or some use of this service for a user or we shall be able to cross the registration as the user.
1. When I violate either article of this agreement
2. When it becomes clear that an entry has a false fact
3. When there is the failure of the payment debts such as rates
4. When, for the communication from us, there is not an answer for a certain period of time
5. When, about this service, there is not the use from the last use for a certain period of time
6. In addition, when we judge the use of this service not to be suitable
2. We do not take all responsibility about the damage that occurred in the user because of the act that we went for based on Honjo.

Article 5 (withdrawal)

I shall be able to resign from the user from this service by our withdrawal procedure to determine.

Article 6 (disclaimers)

1. We guarantee that this service does not have in a fact or a legal defect (they include safety, reliability, accuracy, integrity, the effectiveness, the compatibility to a specific purpose, a defect about the security, an error and a bug, a rights abuse.) explicitly implicitly.
2. We do not take all responsibility about every damage that occurred in the user due to this service. But this immunity from responsibility rule is not applied when we about this service and the contract (I include this agreement.) between the user become the consumers contract to fix for Consumer Contract Law.
3. We do not take responsibility for all about the damage (I include the case that we or a user foresees about damage outbreak or was able to foresee.) that they produced from special circumstances among the default on an obligation by our fault (a gross error is excluded.) or the damage that occurred in the user because of a wrongful conduct even if they set it of a foregoing paragraph proviso. In addition, the compensation of the default on an obligation by our fault (a gross error is excluded.) or the damage that occurred in the user because of a wrongful conduct does the sum of the use charges that I received in the month when the damage concerned occurred from a user with the upper limit.
4. We do not take responsibility about business, the communication that occurred between one of a user and other users or a third party or a dispute about this service at all.

Article 7 (changes of service contents)

I change the contents of this service or shall be able to cancel the offer of this service without notifying a user, and we do not take responsibility for all about the damage that they in this way produced in a user.

Article 8 (change of Terms of Use)

When I judge that we are necessary, I shall be able to change this agreement anytime without notifying a user. In addition, the user concerned considers it to have agreed to the agreement after the change when I start the use of this service after the change of this agreement.

Article 9 (the handling of the personal information)

We shall handle it according to our "privacy policy" about the personal information to acquire by the use of this service appropriately.

Article 10 (a notice or communication)

I shall perform a user and the notice between us or the communication by our method to determine. Contact information registered without the change report which obeyed the method that we establish separately now by a user considers us effective and notifies the contact information concerned or contacts me and considers these to have arrived at the user at the time of dispatch.

Article 11 (prohibition of the transfer of claims and obligations)

Without our written prior consent, I hand over the right based on the position in the use contract or this agreement or duty to a third party or a security cannot offer the user.

Article 12 (governing law, jurisdiction)

1. In the interpretation of this agreement, I assume Japanese law a governing law.
2. When a dispute occurs about this service, I assume a court having jurisdiction over our head office location the exclusive agreement jurisdiction.