Claude Monet "La Japonaise" fan

Ibasen has produced the fan shown in the painting "La Japonaise" by Claude Monet, an Impressionist artist.


This Monet fan was first proposed in 2020. We asked President Yoshida about the details of the production process.

How I first came up with the idea

In the background of this painting by Claude Monet, there are many ukiyoe fans stuck to the wall.

Around 1876, when this painting was created, many Ukiyo-e fans were exported to France from our store.

Some of these Ukiyo-e fans depict Ukiyo-e fans that were produced by our store as a publisher.

We will continue to reprint these uchiwa, but first we have started on prominent fans.

The first proposal was released in 2020 (Draft 1 and Draft 2 below), and the process that led to Draft 2

In order to make the fans look more luxurious, Draft 2 is printed with a foil fluttering technique.

Particulars in production

We have tried to reproduce the design as faithfully as possible to the picture. The colors "red," "white," and "blue" on the fan are thought to represent the French flag.

How and when should we use them?

In addition to being a tool for cooling off in the summer, we would like you to use it as a decoration for your room.

Monet Fan, also a Tricolor Fan

Since it is a bridge between Japan and France, we would like it to be used as a souvenir for French people or as a gift for French companies.

Now on sale in limited quantities with postcards!

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Size: 7.5

handle: Claude Monet

Artwork Description

La Japonaise by Claude Monet

This work by Claude Monet is now in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

It depicts Monet's wife, Camille Doncieux.

She is wearing a red kimono with bright autumn leaves and a warrior.

The 1860s and 1870s was a time when Europe was influenced by Japanese art and culture, known as "Japonisme.

Famous for Monet's garden,FranceThe garden in the village of Giverny, near Paris, France, is a Japanese-style garden with a large collection of ukiyo-e woodblock prints by Kuniyoshi and Hokusai.

The garden in Giverny, near Paris, France

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