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Tosenkyo Set

Butterfly, Pillow, Fan

Throwing Fan Games Method, Score Chart

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What is "Tosenkyo"?

Tosenkyo is a traditional Japanese game, characterized by the use of a fan.

A target called a "butterfly" is placed on a base called a "pillow," and a fan is thrown toward the butterfly. Points are awarded according to the shape of the butterfly, the pillow, and the fan when the fan falls.

Usoenkyo is a competitive game and is played one-on-one (two players). The rules for scoring points vary from school to school.

The most well-known styles are the Tale of Genji style and Hyakunin Isshu style, in which each inscription is named after a piece of classical Japanese literature. For example, an inscription named after the Tale of Genji is given one point for "Hanasazari" and eight points for "Yugiri".

For more details, please refer to the column article "What is Tosenkyo? Basic play and tips on how to throwfor more information.