Akashi Chijimi Fan, Summer Oshima Fan

Tokamachi "Akashi Chijimi" folding fan

Originating in Akashi, Akashi chijimi is a pongee that has developed in Tokamachi, Echigo-Tsumari Prefecture, via Nishijin.
The highest quality threads are combined with advanced twisting techniques, and through a number of delicate and intricate processes, craftsmen create a unique texture with a cool and tasteful feel, also known as "cicada wings.

The colored maki-e on the outer frame and the silk tassel charm also make this an elegant gem.

Summer Oshima Fan

This fan is made of "genuine Oshima silk" and finished with a high level of elegance.

Summer Oshima tsumugi is a specialty of Amami Oshima Island, woven with yarn-dyed silk threads. It is a high-grade silk fabric with a unique translucent feel made of highly twisted threads, and has long been popular as a material for kimonos.

While maintaining its austerity and elegance, it has a modern atmosphere and is finished into an attractive gem that smells of the climate of Oshima.

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