Special feature: fans and fans of spring flowers with buds unfurling

The cold of winter has eased up, and spring has finally arrived with warm weather. On sunny days, fans and uchiwa fans are useful to feel the cool spring breeze.

Ijasen introduces lovely plum, peach, and cherry blossom fans and uchiwa fans that add color to the pleasant spring weather.

Spring is coming from Ibasen!

Spring Fan Collection

Folding fans and uchiwa fans are not only functional, but also add elegance and glamour to springtime attire. Some men and women use them as a fashion point.

Fans and uchiwa fans give a relaxed and elegant impression. Here we introduce items that are carefully crafted one by one by traditional artisans, and that showcase the skills of master craftsmen. Why not take a look and find your favorite one?

Edo folding fan

Introduced from Kyoto to Edo (present-day Tokyo), fans evolved by incorporating Edo's unique culture and characteristics. In contrast to the feminine elegance of the Kyoto fan, the Edo fan is refined, simple, and dynamic. It seems to express the spirit of the Edo people themselves.

Its traditional design is highly appreciated and popular among foreign customers. We hope you will try our Edo-style folding fans, which are one of the traditional crafts.


Here, we will introduce some of the best Edo fans for the blossoming spring season.

They are easy to use for both daily use and special occasions, and are also useful as fashion accents.

Hand-painted "Cherry Blossom" Silk Fan

Ibasen's silk fans are original, domestically produced fans made by Ibasen, dyed in traditional Edo colors on silk.


For the spring collection, you can choose from the traditional Japanese colors of coral, indigo, rindou, and strawberry, and the silk fan and fan bag will be decorated with cherry blossoms.


Since each of them is carefully hand-painted by our craftsmen, each pattern will look a little different from the others. This is a one-of-a-kind item that is uniquely yours.


Silk fans can also be purchased separately without flower illustrations. The page for silk fans isClick here

Silk fan and fan bag, including hand-painted illustration of flowers

Silk fan and fan bag with pretty flowers drawn by a Japanese painting artist. Please enjoy the taste of each.

I love cherry blossoms.

Edo fan

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Size: 37 x 29.5 cm

Pattern: Toyokuni, Yayoi

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The Edo fan painting "Twelve Months of Imasama" was produced in 1822 by the publisher Ibasen as a multicolor printed fan painting (uchiwa-e) by Toyokuni I, a master artist in the style of the Utagawa School. The prints were printed and produced by the publisher Ibasen based on the only... Read More

I love cherry blossoms.

gold leaf decorated fan

Folding fan decorated with Mt.

Since ancient times, fans have been known as lucky charms. Many of our customers have expressed their appreciation for them as gifts for their loved ones at weddings and special occasions. Some designs are especially auspicious, such as Mt. Fuji and Goshoguruma.


These decorative fans are eye-catching and gorgeous.


It is a glittering item that is especially popular among overseas customers.

Hinoki fan (Japanese cypress fan)

Wooden hinoki fans originated in the early Heian period and were used at court. Originally, only noblemen such as aristocrats, priests, and priestesses were allowed to use it.


Hinoki fans, which appear in Heian-era picture scrolls, were used long before folding fans made of paper and bamboo were invented to make them easier to carry. These fans were owned by court nobles and shoguns who have left their names in history.


These elegant fans, such as "Hanaguruma," "Red and White Plum Blossoms," and "Weeping Cherry Blossoms," have a spring-like luster and elegance.

What do you think of Ijasen's spring collection?

We introduced fans and fans with plum blossoms, peaches, and cherry blossoms that let you feel the breath of spring.

As sung in the Manyo period (710-794), the Japanese love for the beauty of nature and flowers and traditional beauty has been passed down from generation to generation.

We have a wide range of products from practical fans and uchiwa fans that are both functional and fashionable to decorative fans and hinoki fans that are perfect for room decorations or gifts.


We invite you to bring the refined beauty of Japan into your daily life.

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