Edo Fan

7.5 cm 15 cm (22.5cm) Sensu Mononhon

Edo Sensu is a street for sensu sold in Edo as the name of the Sensu.Compared with Kyo-sensu (folding fan), which has elegant beauty such as 'Kazatori Fudatsu' (Flower Moon Moon), the hilt is dominated by 'stylish' such as Komon, stripes, animals, and letters, which are bold.The fans of the Sensu also have a small number of bones to match a bold handle, and their parent bones (both ends of the bone) are made thickly.In addition, Edo Sensu is made by a craftsman, compared to the one made by a large number of artisans by the hand of Kyogiko.

Tokyo Nihonbashi Itasen