Uchiwa Uchiyo-e Ukiyo-e-e-e Kuni-e -

Ukiyoe Edo-dan-e-e (Nishiki-e and Yamato type) was produced by the publisher, Hiroshige, who was descended from the Utagawa school, and by the handwriting of the government, the publisher Ibakensen as a polychromatic landscape gari-picture.The only extant woodblock prints were printed and produced by Ibsen Kesen.

It is a pseudo-cat of a cat that loves cats, and is a cat.According to Kage-e, it is 'Hannya, Misuzu, and Shishito' from the left.It is a joki-e (a type of picture), such as a cat -

Size: height, 37 cm, 29.5 cm

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