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Please refer to the figure above.

1.  Hold the upper part of the fan with your left hand and the lower part of the fan with your right hand.

2.  Open the fan by moving only the right hand.When closing, move only the right hand as well.

3.  If the fan cannot be folded, fold it in with the finger of the left hand and close it.

Yes, we accept"original folding fans" from 10 pcs.the samples we made nowHere>
In our company, we also do"tailoring fan".

In addition, we also handle "original products for corporate customers".the samples we've made so farhere.

Please fill out the form below and contact us.

As size is different by a product, after confirmation, please purchase it.

Edo Sensu 7.5 sun (22.5 cm), Shikebiki sensu for men 7.5 sun (22.5 cm), 6.5 sun (19.5 cm) for women, Kan Ni color Shibu Sensu 8.5 sun (25.5 cm), Ojiya Chiku Sensu for women 20cm (cloth sensu), silk sensu 7 sun (21cm), decorative sensu 9.5 sun (28cm)

Please see the figure at the top right.The length of a fan is expressed in the traditional unit"sun".As one inch is"approximately 3cm", when the length that closed the fan is"approximately 21cm", it represents "7 sun".

Also, the number of bones is expressed in units of"ken".If the number of bones (the sum of the outer and middle bones) is"15", it is expressed as"15".

Since we have introduced automatic translation, it is not 100% accurate.Please note.

These pages are translated by a web-based machine translation system.
Note that the machine translation system isn't 100% accurate.
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[For customers who purchase from overseas]
Your order prices will defer from the original price. Because, the prices are converted by multiplying the store price by the currency conversion rate, adding the conversion fee, and then applying the rounding rules for that currency if applicable. Your converted prices include your currency conversion costs.

Please also kindly understand that in your order-confirmation e-mail, the original Japanese name of the product will be shown to prevent a misunderstanding from automatic translation.

Tariffs will be required upon delivery. Tariff amounts vary depends on the country.

Currently, we are processing international shipping individually. Please contact us in an e-mail or a contact form.

"Edo Sensu" is a fan characterized by a stylish pattern born from samurai culture, with a small number of bones of 15 to 18 and a wide folding width.

The Kyo〜sensu is characterized by a large number of elegant patterns, with about 25-35 bones.

Edo sensu is"chic", and Kyo sensu is"elegant"?Our"silk folding fan" will be Kyo-sensu.

What is "Hanjimono"?

"Hanjimono" is a kind of riddle.Although it was written with a certain meaning in letters and pictures, it was one that unravels the meaning.To guess the words, things, and meanings that are hidden.

There are various names and ways to write them because they are auspicious characters.How about the"chic" Edo folding fans that have been around since the Edo period?

At the head office, we offer a simple gift wrapping service (free of charge) that is environmentally choose the wrapping paper you want.

In addition, we usually enclose a detailed list to the product.In the case of gifts or gifts, please write"Not required" in the memo field.In addition, if you are visiting by e-mail, please let us know in the memo field to that effect.

"reCAPTCHA" is a mechanism provided by Google to check the login trial person so that you can not log in unless you are a real human to prevent the system from being automatically logged in or manipulated more than once by a computer program such as a bot.

If you send us a direct email instead of a contact form、here.It is described inEmail addressWe will do our best to help you.

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We use natural bamboo, in accordance with our hand held fan and a round fan. By this, the insects may be worn by the storage status. It is recommended to manage with insect repellent etc.

In addition, during overseas shipping, there is a possibility that insects may be entered in customs clearance and warehouse, so it will be enclosed and sent the insect repellent. Please note.

If you find a bug on our product especially in summer, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you for your understanding.

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