See the figure above.

1. Hold the upper part of the fan with your left hand and hold the lower part of the fan with your right hand.

2. Move only the right hand and open the fan, and move only the right hand, as when closing.

3. If you can't fold the fan, fold it with your left finger and close it.

Yes, I know from 10 original fans. The samples you made now areThis way.
Our company also has a tailoring fan.

This is also a sample of the original product for the corporation.This way.

Please contact us above and above the contents from the form below.

Your product is different in size, so please please buy it on your confirmation.

Edo fan 7.5cm (22.5cm), sinki fan gentry 7.5cm (22.5cm), women 6.5cm (19.5cm), Kwano Shibu fan 8.5cm (25.5cm), and Ochitani Shizuko 20cm ( cloth fan) for women. , silk fan 7 dimensions (21 cm), ornamental fan 9.5 dimensions (28 cm)

See the figure above right; the length of the fan is represented by the traditional unit "dimension"; the dimension is "about 3 cm", so when the length of the fan is "about 21 cm", the length of the fan is represented as "seven dimensions".

The number of bones is also represented in units of "intermediate" (concern); if the number of bones (the sum of the parent bone and middle bone) is "15" then "between 15" (concern).

Now that you introduce automatic translation, you can't be 100 percent accurate. Please understand.


あなたの注文価格は元の価格から延期されます。なぜなら、価格は 店の価格を通貨換算率で掛け、換算料金を追加し、 適用可能な場合、その通貨の丸め規則を適用します。変換された価格には、 通貨転換費用。

ご注文確認の電子メールで、元の日本語の名前を親切に理解してください 製品の誤解が自動翻訳から防止されるように示されます。

納品時に関税が必要です。 関税額は国によって異なります。

現在、国際輸送を個別に処理しています。電子メールで私たちに連絡してください または接触フォーム。

"Edo fan" is a fan characterized by a sculptural hilt that originates from samurai culture, which has a small number of bones of 15 to 18.

"Kyoten-Fan" features a number of bones, approximately 25 to 35, and many masturbated (miyana) hilts.

Where is Edo Fanko "sun" and Kyoto Fanko "masa"? Our company, "silk fan" becomes Kyoto Fan.

What I'm saying is

This is a kind of judging, a kind of meaning that is written with a meaning in a letter or picture, but it solves meaning, and it is a word, object, and meaning hidden.

Because of the good singularity, there are many calls and writing methods. How about the 'singular' Edo fan that has been going on since the Edo period?

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This is why we use natural bamboo to protect our company, Iba Sen's fan, and fan fan, so we recommend that we manage it with insecticides and other insecticides.

Also, when sending overseas, there is a possibility that worms will enter the customs clearance or warehouse, so I will seal the insecticide and send it.

If there is a worm, I will be afraid, but I will be able to reward you.
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