Frequently asked questions

Please refer to the figure above.

1. Hold the upper part of the fan with your left hand and the bottom of the fan with your right hand.

2. Move only your right hand to open the fan. In the same way, move only the right hand when closing.

3. If you can't fold the fan, fold it with your left hand finger and close it.

Yes, we accept "original fan" from 10. The sample that I made nowThis way>
In our company, we also do "tailoring fan".

We also handle original products for corporations. What samples have you made so before?Here

Please fill in the contents from the form below and contact us.

Because the size varies depending on the product, please purchase it after confirming it.

Edo fan 7.5 sun (22.5 cm), shinbiki fan for gentlemen 7.5 suns (22.5 cm), women's 6.5 dimensions (19.5 cm), kanshoku astringent fan Child 8.5 sun (25.5cm), 1,0senya condensed fan 20cm (cloth fan) for women, Silk fan 7sun (21cm), Ornament 9.5sun (28cm)

Take a look at the figure at the top right. The length of the fan is expressed in the traditional unit "size". Since one inch is "about 3 cm", when the length of closing the fan is "about 21 cm", it represents "7 dimensions".

In addition, the number of bones is expressed in units called "between (ken)". If the number of bones (the sum of the parent bone and the middle bone) is "15", it is expressed as "15-to-15 (ken)".

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"Edo Fan" is a fan characterized by a stylish pattern born from samurai culture with a small and wide number of bones of 15 to 18 bones.

"Kyo fan" is characterized by a lot of Ya (Miyabi) pattern with a number of bones of about 25-35.

The Edo fan is "stylish" and the Kyoto fan is called "Ya". Our company, "silk fan" will be a Kyoto fan.

What is "hanjimono"?

"Hanjimono" is a kind of Riddle.It is written with the meaning of characters or pictures, but it is a work that unravels the meaning.To guess the hidden words, objects, and meanings.

There are many names and ways to write them because they are auspicious.How about a stylish Edo fan that has been around since the Edo period?

At the head office, we offer a simple gift wrapping service (free of charge) that is environmentally friendly.Here.Please select your desired wrapping paper.

In addition, we usually enclose a detailed table in the product.For gifts and gifts, please fill in the note box with"no detailed table required".In addition, please let us know in the memo field to that effect if you want to use it by e-mail.

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