Corporate Departing Order

Iba Sensen is currently ordered to order the original Sensu and Uchiwa fans.We are responding to a wide range of needs, such as for events and promotional purposes.

If you have any requests for consultation, please call:03-3664-9261 Or ...Contact FormPlease contact us more easily.

Corporate Originator Originator

The price of a Sensu varies depending on the size of the folding fan, but the usual sensu (folding fan) (7.5 sun and 35 meters, Kyoto Shitate)
Fifty preparation: one book per \1,800 to \2000

① We will give you a fan template.

(2) To have the design (ai data) listed in (1), and create the screen of the fan.
If you are unable to create data, we will take care of the colored paper, the manuscript, and so on, and we will create it on our service.
(Digitally-making, 8,000-to -)
Please add a copy of the rogomark in case of a parent bone name.

(3) I will give you a calibration (image sample).

(4) The delivery period of the school is about 40 days after the completion of the school.

Let me tell you the box, the paper, the paper, and the package.

Create Fan Sensu

I'm able to take ten small lots of lots.
Please pay the dough, and the shaku is 25 times 50cm per book.
This number is more than that of the original number, but it is also 3,000.

Let me tell you the box, the paper, the paper, and the package.


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