Holding hand fan - SENSU

Iba Sen's original fan selection
 Edo Fan From ukiyo-e to traditional patterns, the stylish play of the Edo periodAn understood thingIs recommended.Fan Single Item
a leed fan The Japanese paper is dyed with dye as it is, and the fan surface is hand-painted and thin lines are applied by skilled craftsmen.Fan single item (reprinted lacquer purple is a box, set with a bag)
Kanso-i-Shibu Fan The front and back of the fan surface is a fan of the persimmon astringency of a slightly different color composition.Fan Single Item
Koshigaya condensed fan It is a fan woven with the traditional technique of Koshigaya sensk.A box, a set with a bag
Silk fan It is Ibasen original domestic fan which dyed the traditional color of Edo to silk. You can insert the design of the flower of the birth month.A box, a set with a bag
A variety of fans
"Ogi fan" and "decoration fan" of the high-class fan that is ideal for the point decoration of the room as a gift, of the Spanish and Chinese traditional white birFrom high-end overseas production fans, Ryumura art textiles, and Edo Komon's hand-wiping fans that can be used easily.