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Motto of the 14th generation

My motto is words of seven characters in the ancient Chinese sacred book called "貫日精誠震天下".

It will be expressed if I express it in more modernness which "can really shake the spirit (if I act) world every day" if I translate it into Japanese when "I can achieve a great achievement before long if I continue always growing faithfully". As for wise men, it is said to many people in ancient China of the war what a great achievement to shake the world before long if I live faithfully in how the hard life can achieve that I preached it.

By the way, my name truth man (のぶお) receives this one character.


14th generation president-director Makoto Yoshida man

Way of thinking of 伊場仙

There is no what's called family precepts in our shop with the company history of 400 years. These days "whom is the company for?" という argument often happens, but our answer turns into nothing for 400 years. "Contribution to the society" through "trust" and the business that it is firm, this are our family precepts. A bridge of the Yahagi River of hometown Okazaki was strolled around by a flood of degrees in the middle of Edo era. We Enshu, merchants of the Mikawa native place advanced and undertook the rebuilding construction of the bridge and did the contribution to the hometown each time. The profit of the company returns it to an employee fairly, and it became form to contribute to the society through tax, but, as for the way of thinking, nothing changes now. The uninterrupted process thinks with "trust". And it is our visitor to have you support the trust. I think the accumulation that a visitor is satisfied with through a product not to be ashamed of to be tied to long trust.

Corporate information

A name:
The head office location:
〒103-0024 4-1, Nihonbashikobunacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
A president:
Makoto Yoshida man
Telephone /FAX:
TEL:03-3664-9261/ FAX:03-3664-9266
An email:
To an inquiry form
The establishment of a business:
1590 (Tensho era 18 years)
I change an organization of it to the company in March, 1934
Duties contents:
Round fan, folding fan, production sale of the Japanese paper product
The store location:
The 4-1, Nihonbashikobunacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 号伊場仙 building first floor
Telephone /FAX:
TEL:03-3664-9261/ FAX:03-3664-9266
Business hours:
From April to August: From 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
From September to March: From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
A regular holiday:
Sunday Sundays and holidays festival day
The year-end and New Year holiday
From 12/28 to 1/4


Product dealer

  • Shinjuku Isetan 7F


※When you do not make the handling by a season, please ask our store.

Far-off sea

A story author of the world city "Edo" birth: Makoto Yoshida man

Than an afterword

We greeted establishment of a business 430 years in 2020 in the Christian era. It will be that a common company starts the memory magazine that wrote down the remoteness of the company to the commemorative age. However, old documents are not left in us at all for 400 years to take out a memory magazine either. By the learning through the grapevine that had been handed down, the founder moved with Ieyasu Tokugawa from Enshu Italy ground village (Higashiiba-cho, Chuo-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka) in the Edo era and has engaged in development of then Edo from generation to generation. (omission) therefore I decided to edit our company stone as "a novel".

I publish a full-length novel to a chief character in first generation, Italy ground shop perception Court Security Office engaged in reclamation of Edo. Look at the one with the interest than this by all means.

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