The story of the birth of the world in the far sea world

Recommendation of the historical announcer matsudaira sadatomo
Japan Bridge
Birth story of the unknown city "Edo".

A fan of 425 years ago in Nihonbashi, which is proud of the history of 425 years old, is a long established "IWA Sen".
The 14th head, Yoshio Yoshida, wrote a long novel that wrote the first author kanzaemon iyaya, who was involved in the development of Edo, to the hero. According to the oral tradition, 'Edo was built by the Tokugawa and Mikawa people, some of the red haired people,' there is a story that has no false nature. It is drawn into the free and bold idea, and matsudaira is the fan fan of the history fan, the fan fan that it has praised for "the story development."

What happened in Edo then?

In the spring of 1600, the fall accident of the reef de no was not the "natural phenomenon undertaking", but as a part of the world strategy in Holland, I saw the eyes in a really bold hypothesis that it was actually "organized".
Through this novel, the author tried to leave 'the record of development, footprints, and footprints' in posterity, all of which became splendid, and as a result of the initial survey of the Lord Yoshida. Sadachika matsudaira

Table of contents

Illusion of prologue
Chapter 1 Castaways
Chapter 2 settlers
Chapter III travel
Chapter IV commerce in Edo
Chapter 5 boiling town in Edo
Chapter VI the age of hegemony
In exchange for the occasion
The historical story remaining in the future, the freedom and the bold idea

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