A story author of the far-off sea world city "Edo" birth: Makoto Yoshida man

Mr. Sadatomo Matsudaira (announcer at former NHK) recommendation of the authority of history
The Nihonbashi long-established store present head of a household draws the history of 400 years
Unknown world city "Edo" birth story!

Well-established "伊場仙" of a folding fan and the round fan proud of the history of establishment of a business 425 years in Nihonbashi.
The full-length novel that I finished writing is published in the first generation, Italy ground shop perception Court Security Office where Mr. 14s present head of a household, Makoto Yoshida man was engaged in reclamation of Edo by a chief character. Based on the learning through the grapevine "that Edo was cleared by people of Tokugawa and Mikawa, several Dutch", the story that mixed the truth and falsehood unfolds. It is the history fan whom it is drawn into the free and bold idea and praised highly when Matsudaira "stared wide-eyed at story development", one of the Edo fan expectation.

What happened then in the Edo era?

At first a wreckage accident of that リーフデ of the spring of 1600 watched the eyes in the really bold hypothesis "that the community "was not the conveyed work to be able to do of the natural phenomenon", and, in fact, was set up" as a part of the Netherlands world strategy.
All fits in into the trial of the author who says to leave "a record of 伊場仙, the development, a footprint" through this novel in history wonderfully; and of the early stage of plan street of the Yoshida present head of a household turn out. (Sadatomo Matsudaira)

Table of contents

Prologue vision
Chapter 1 castaways
Chapter 2 pioneers
The Chapter 3 departure
Business of Chapter 4 Edo
Town of Edo where Chapter 5 boils
The times of the Chapter 6 hegemony
Replacing with an afterword (Makoto Yoshida man) and
By historical novel to be left in history, the freedom, I admire a bold idea (Sadatomo Matsudaira)

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