Distant Ocean: The Story of the Birth of the World City "Edo" Author: Masao Yoshida

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Recommended by Mr. Sadatomo Matsudaira (former NHK announcer), a history buff
The head of Nihonbashi's long-established business depicts 400 years of history
The story of the birth of the unknown world city "Edo"!

Ibasen, a long-established fan and fan shop in Nihonbashi with a history of 425 years.
The 14th head of the company, Seio Yoshida, has written a full-length novel featuring Ibaya Kanzaemon, the founder of Ibasen, who was involved in the development of Edo. Based on the oral tradition that "Edo was pioneered by Tokugawa, Mikawa people, and a few red-headed men," the story unfolds with a mixture of truth and falsehood. The free and bold conception of the story drew the reader in, and Mr. Matsudaira praised it highly, saying, "The storyline was eye-opening.

What was happening in Edo at that time?

The book is a boldly conceived story about the shipwreck of the Liefde in the spring of 1600, which was not the result of a natural phenomenon, as has been widely reported, but was in fact a part of the Dutch global strategy.
The author's attempt to leave behind for posterity "a record of Ibasen's development and its footprints" through this novel has all come to fruition, just as Yoshida's initial vision had predicted. (Matsudaira Sadatomo)

Table of Contents

Prologue: Illusions
Chapter 1 Castaways
Chapter 2 Pioneers
Chapter 3 Departure
Chapter 4 Merchants in Edo
Chapter 5 Boiling Edo Town
Chapter 6 The Age of Supremacy
In place of a postscript (Masao Yoshida)
Hats off to the free and bold ideas of the historical story that will remain for posterity (Sadatomo Matsudaira)

  • Book: A book 246 pages
  • Publisher: J. W. Harris ThunderR Labs (4/14/2017)
  • Language. Japanese
  • ISBN-10: 4908609071
  • ISBN-13: 978-4908609077
  • Release Date: 2017/4/14
  • Product Dimensions:. 2 x 12.8 x 18.8 cm

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