Collaboration of VALEDO (Spain) fan and Firenze wood inlay work

Collaboration of Ibasen and Carbonell, a long-established folding fan company in Spain, VALEDO

The VALEDO fan is a collaboration with Abanikos Carbonell, a long-established fan company in Valencia, Spain. The material is parosa

× X Parent bone Firenze wood inlaid fine

We have asked Mr. Takafumi Mochizuki, a wood inlay craftsman in Firenze, to inlay the parent bone of this collaborative product.

The design is based on the "Aomiha" and "

Da Firenze - From Florence

L'intarsio è un mestiere tradizionale di Firenze
- Marquetry is a traditional Florentine craft

che risale ad ancor prima del Rinascimento.
- It has been around since before the Renaissance.

Noi estendiamo al futuro l'antica tradizione con nuove idee e passione.
- We extend our ancient traditions into the future with new ideas and passion.

Wood inlay craftsman, Takafumi Mochizuki


Born in Tokyo, 1979
Traveled to Italy and Florence in 2007

Antique furniture maker since 2008 Leonard O.

Fine individual wood inlay work

While utilizing traditional techniques, he also works on new things every day, such as inlaying wood on the intricate curves of shoe molds and creating lampshades with wood inlays.

Blue sea wave, Namiura, Gourd

We have asked for production with three patterns, which is also the auspicious pattern of Iba Senjin Ki.

Beautiful wood inlay work

The palo santo (rosewood) wood is beautifully expressed with blue ocean waves, namiura and gourds in wooden ivory on the parent bone.

Wood inlaying techniques

Moku Zogan is a wood painting technique that uses various types of natural wood to express paintings and designs.

SpainVALEDO/Valedo fan x filenche wood inlaid fine

Mr. Takafumi Mochizuki, a craftsman living in Firenze, has done the inlaid wood details on the main bone of the fan, a collaboration between Ibasen and Carbonell, a long-established folding fan company in Spain.

Original Spain VALEDO/Valedo Fan

Collaboration fan between Ibasen and Carbonell, a long-established fan maker in Spain.

VALEDO (Spain) old work with fan bag and paulownia box

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