Ibasen Building "Seminar Room"

1. How to use equipment, etc.

(1) Microphones and projectors
The manual is lying at the front desk, so please refer to it. The microphone is switched on and the volume adjustment is free. The projector can also be used by turning on the power and plug in the connector. (However, there are two types of connectors, one screw type and one without screw type by PC, so we have prepared it by connecting it to the cable tip so that it can correspond to both, so please check the connection part.) )
In addition, please understand that the staff correspondence in the room on the day of use is not done.

(2) Indoor lighting and air conditioning Operation There are two power sources for indoor lighting.
Enter the entrance and there is a lighting switch and an air conditioning switch on the left wall side.
In addition, there is an electric switch on the rear side of the room on the right wall side of the back.

2. Unlocking and locking

Unlocking and locking on the day of use will be carried out by our company.
In principle, unlocking is done one hour before the time of use.
The lock will be done after the end of use, so if the user changes the layout, please return to the normal position and leave the room.

3. Room capacity

Please use it for up to 70 people. We do not respond to the number of people more than that.

4. Equipment, etc.

At present, please use it in the thing of the indoor preparation. If it is necessary other than that, please prepare it by the user.
Fixtures 1 and umbrella stands are permanently located in front of the entrance door.


5. About eating and drinking in the room and garbage disposal

In principle, at the user's responsibility, you may go freely, please arrange and clean up by the user.
There is a garbage area on the second basement floor, so please separate it there.

Reservations & Inquiries

(The following is handled by the supplier.) Please contact us directly. )

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