Ibasen Building "Seminar Room" Usage Guide

1. how to use the facilities

(1) Microphone and projector
Please refer to the manual for use at the desk in front of you. Microphones can be turned on and the volume can be adjusted freely. The projector can also be used by simply turning it on and plugging in the connector. (However, there are two types of connectors depending on the PC, one is screw type and the other is not.)
Please note that we do not have staff available to assist you on the day of your visit.

(There are two power supply points for lighting in the room.
There are two power supply points for room lighting and air conditioning.
The switch for the rear of the room is located further back on the right side of the wall.

2. unlocking and locking

We will unlock and lock the room on the day of use.
As a rule, locks are unlocked one hour prior to the time of use.
If you have changed the layout of the room, please return the room to its normal position before leaving.

3. room capacity

The maximum number of guests is 70. We cannot accommodate more than 70 people.

4. Equipment, etc.

Currently, please use the equipment provided in the room. If you need other items, please provide them yourself.
Umbrella stand is permanently installed in front of the entrance door.


5. Food, beverages, and garbage disposal in the rooms

In principle, users are free to eat, drink, and dispose of garbage at their own risk.
For garbage disposal, there is an area on the second basement floor dedicated for garbage disposal.

Reservations and Inquiries

(The following companies handle garbage disposal. Please contact them directly.)

Meeting Room Concierge, Inc.

TEL: 03-6868-3915