How to Order Personalized Fans

Would you like to personalize your favorite fan?

Step 1. First, "Add to Cart" your favorite fan.

Step 2. The fan has been added to your cart. Then click "Continue Shopping" and go to Step 3. Or, if you see "Fan personalization" in Related Products, click on it and go to Step 5.

Step 3. After clicking the search button in the upper right corner, a search box will appear and you can search for "fan personalization.

Step 4: Click on the searched "Fan personalization".

Alternatively, you can also choose from Sensu > Accessories and Goods.

Step 5. Scroll down the "Fan personalization" page.

Step 6: Select and fill in the color, position and name to be personalized, and press "Add to cart". (Color and position are optional. Name is a required field)

Step 7. "Folding Fan" and "Folding Fan Name" have been added to your shopping cart. Please proceed to "Purchase Procedure".

For orders of two or more sets: If you purchase two or more sets of fans and fan personalization, please write in the memo field.

We will put your name on an Edo fan, a Shikebiki fan, or a cloth fan. It takes about 2 weeks for delivery.

*However, Shibu fans, sandalwood, sandalwood, rosewood, and cypress fans cannot be inked.

Edo Sensu

Shikbiri Sensu


Personalized fan

Please order each product and personalization from the links above. If you have any questions, please contact us.