Name-In-Sensu Sensu

Are you sure you want to name your favorite fan?

Step 1.First, add your favorite instigator to the cart.

Step 2. A Sensu has been added to the cart.Then click on "Continue Shoping".Step 3To me.Or,Related productsand the "Sensu Name in" is displayed, click on it.Step 5To me.

Step three.When you click the search button in the upper right corner, the search box is displayed, and the search box is searched for "Sensu-in."

Step four. Click "Sensu name in" which has been retrieved.
Or, you can choose from the accessories, as well as the goods and goods that come with you.

Step 5.Scroll down the "Sensu name in" page.

Step 6. Select the name of the color location, select the location name, and press Add to Cart.(The color and position are arbitrary.Name is required)

Step 7.The shopping cart has "Sensu" and "Sensu Nickenenter."Proceed to the Purchase process.

For more than two sets of orders: If you purchased more than two sets of fans and fan names, please enter the notes section.

Enter the name of the Sensu (folding fan), shikibiki, Sensu (folding fan), and cloth Sensu (folding fan).I'll have a couple of weeks of delivery.

* However, the folding fan, ebony, ebony, and Uchiwa fan are not available for ink.

Edo Sensu

Shikbiri Sensu



Please purchase each product and name above the link above.What is not known?Contact usplease.