Fan name

It is the best present for the person who took care of it.

Put your name on the Edo fan, the severing fan, and the fabric fan.
(However, astringent fans, white births, purple persimmons, and fan are not compatible with ink.) )
Delivery will take about two weeks.

Photo sample: Edo fan and silk fan

How to order:Please order a fan separately to put the name.

1. Order "Fan of hope to put the name" from another page

Edo FanWhat is your order?Here
a leed fanWhat is your order?Here
Fabric fanWhat is your order?Here

2. Order "Color", "Desired position" and "Desired character" on this page.

[Note] If there are two or more points, please list the fan and the name to be the base of each in the desired character.

The place to put the name will be left to the teacher of the book family by the fan. Please note that we may not be able to respond to your request.

It is a fan which puts the name of the book artist Beniya Akutagawa.

[Color singing]

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