Various patterns of folding fans

Auspicious design

A design depicting an object that is considered auspicious.

Scale pattern, persimmon color

The scale pattern evokes the image of a snake or butterfly, and was considered a pattern to ward off evil, as it has the meaning of shedding its skin and "rebirth" by shedding evil.

The triangular shape also has the following meanings

Scale pattern Purple

The purple scale pattern is effective in warding off evil and evil spirits.

During the Edo period (1603-1867), the use of the expensive color purple, made by dyeing purple roots, was forbidden due to the "prohibition of extravagance" that forbade extravagance.

Weight connection (fundo junction)

This design is a series of patterns of weight weights used on a balance plate.
The weight has an interesting shape with a narrow center and is called "Takarazuki" (meaning "treasure-full") for its good fortune.

Ume komon (plum blossoms)

Ume represents "perseverance" over the cold winter and "vitality" heralding the coming of spring.

It also represents "abundance" as hanami was an event to wish for a bountiful harvest.

check (checkered, chequered) pattern

The image of never-ending, everlasting, and expansive pattern is considered to signify eternity, development and expansion, and prosperity.

Gourd design

Because gourds bear many fruits, they are said to bring prosperity to descendants, good fortune, prosperous business, and good health, and their narrow shape is said to absorb evil spirits and keep them at bay.


Take a thousand. That is, gain much. It represents victory and abundance.

A bird of the plover family that congregates near water, with a short beak, small and lovely.


As a valuable beneficial insect that removes pests, dragonflies are a symbol of a good harvest.

The dragonfly also flies quickly through the air and captures insects, making it a "winning insect" or "shogun.

choppy seas

The calm and endless wave pattern is a wish that life will continue to be calm and peaceful forever.

It also brings good luck.

running water pattern

This is a running water pattern with lines depicting flowing water. The meaning of "flowing" is "to cast away the role", i.e., to ward off evil and evil spirits.

Flowing water is pure and clean.