Various patterns of folding fans

Kissho Monyo

It is a design that depicts an object that is considered to be auspicious.

Scales pattern Persimmon color

The scale pattern is an image of a snake and a butterfly, and it has the meaning of molting and dropping evil and"regenerating", and it was a pattern of evil protection.

In addition to the triangle being said to have the power of amulet, scales are also used as amulet because they are meant to protect themselves.

Scales pattern purple

Purple scale pattern with the effect of evil and amulet.

In the Edo period, it seems that the use of expensive"purple"by purple root dyeing became prohibited by the"sumptuary ban"which prohibits luxury.

How about a purple scale pattern with an expensive image to ward off evil?

Bundō tsunagi

It is a design that made the weight of the omori to be used on a balance plate into a continuous pattern.
The weight is narrow in the middle, interesting in shape, and as one of"treasure Zuzukushi"as auspicious, it is a favorite auspicious pattern.

* Takarazukushi is one of the auspicious patterns, and it is a pattern that collected treasures


Ume represents"perseverance"beyond the cold winter and"vitality" that signals the arrival of spring.

In addition, hanami was an event to pray for a good harvest, so it is a symbol of"abundance", and to make many flowers bloom at once, it is a auspicious pattern representing the new year with various auspicious meanings.

There are"small cherry blossoms"and"Hanaikada"patterns scattered with petals.

Checkered pattern

Because of the pattern that makes you feel the spread in the image that lasts forever, there is no end, it is considered to mean eternity, development expansion, prosperity.

Gourd pattern

The gourd has a lot of fruit, so it has the meaning of exorcism because it absorbs evil from the constricted shape, such as prosperity of descendants, good fortune, business prosperity, and good health, and does not miss it.

Six gourds, six gourds to disease-free, disease-free.In addition, the gourd is a pattern of good luck to say that the wish is fulfilled as expressed as Senzei gourd.


Take a thousand.Ie get more.It represents victory and abundance.

It is a bird of the chidori family gathered in the waterside, short beak, it is a small cute bird.


The dragonfly is a symbol of a rich harvest as a valuable beneficial insect that removes pests.

In addition, it was also called"victory bug"and"shogun bug"to catch insects by flying around in the air quickly, and it was favored by warriors.

Qinghai Wave

The wave pattern that continues to be calm and endless is a wish that"I want you to continue a calm and peaceful life forever".

It is also a auspicious pattern that evokes good luck.

Flowing water pattern

It is a running water pattern that depicts the flow of water with lines. From the meaning of shedding, it has the meaning of "playing a role", that is, exterminating evil and magic.

The flowing water also expresses cleanliness and is also used to avoid fires.