Various patterns of folding fans

Yoshijo Bun-sun (with him)

The drawings that depict the things that are called the brim are good.

scale-like color

The lepidopter was a snake or butterfly, a molt, a snake, a snake, and a regeneration.

The triangle is also considered to have the power of the devil, and the scales are used to protect the body, so the demons are also used as demons.

scale pattern purple

The purple scales with the efficacy of the sardines and the witches.

It seems that the use of expensive purple by purple root dyeing has been prohibited by the ban on luxury in the Edo period.

How about it be awkward with a purple scale pattern with expensive images.

copper tie (tie)

It is a figure with a continuous pattern of copper used on a celestial plate.
The copper is crouched in the middle, and it is funny and good, and it is one of the 'treasure-making'.

The treasure is one of the best of the kind, and the story of the article that collected the treasures


The plum represents "life force" that heralds "patience" or spring visits beyond cold winters.

In addition, Famie was a wishing event for Goguryeon Toyo, so it was a symbol of "prosperity of descendants" to bloom a lot of flowers at once, and it was a representative of Shinchun, which has various signs of brilliantness.

There are cherry blossoms and flowers that are scattered with petals.

a pine tree

It is a pattern that means eternity, development expansion, and prosperity because of the pattern that makes it feel spread in the image that does not end, and continues.

a sentence

From the fact that it is a lot of fruit, it is also a problem to avoid the wickedness of the swallowing shape such as prosperity, prosperity, business, and diseaselessness.

Six are sick and sick, and the lucky thing that the wishes are fulfilled as if they were expressed as a thousand adults.

chick bird

Take a thousand; that is, get a lot; represent victory and richness.

It is a small, cute bird with a short beak, a bird of the family Chidolian family that gathers on the waterside.


Dragonflies are symbols of five-grain riches as valuable beetles that remove pests.

It was also called "winworm" or "shogunworm" to quickly fly around the air and catch worms, and was preferred by samurai.

qinghai wave

The wave pattern that continues to be calm and calm contains the desire to continue the calm life of the future.

It is also a pattern that brings good luck.

flow hydrological

It is a flow pattern that draws the flow of water in a line, and it means 'flowing' in the sense of flowing, that is, 'worriing'.

The flowing water also represents cleanliness and is also used as a fire avoidance.