Silk fan in a paulownia box

7 sun (21cm) 35-ken paulownia box with a set of  a same colour fan bag.

This is the original IBASEN silk fan, dyed with Edo traditional colour and made in Japan.

Please choose from Japanese traditional colour of Coral, Spiderwort, Indigo, Yellow daffodils, Gentian and Strawberry.

The price of a silk fan: 10,000 yen.

Hand drawing a flower pattern: 5,000 yen

*The flower can be chose from 12 months x 6 types of flowers and more. 78 types of flowers

*This service is also included a name writing at the same time if your like.

**Please select a favourite Silk Fan at first. Then, please select the flowers you want.

  • Choose the flower from here.: 78 type of  flowers.
  • If you also wish to put your name, please write your name in the memo space.