Silk folding fan in a paulownia box

7 sun (21cm) 35-ken paulowroom, pouch-box,

This is the original Japanese fan of the Iba Sensen, who made the traditional color of Edo dyed with silk.Perfect for presents.

Japan's six colors of traditional colorsCoral, Rocho, indigo (indigo), zosuisen (yellow water), rindo, andYou are ready to do this.

The price of the instigator is 10,000 yen.
Hanake-teki (flower pattern): 5,000 yen (12 months, 6 types for each year)
*This service is also accepted at the same time as the handwriting of Hanae-kyodo.

*Please select a Sensu which is a color that is preferred by a silk fan.Then, please select the flowers you want.

  • Original Handwriting Hanae:This is the flower.
  • If you wish to enter the name of the name of the service, please provide a name for the name of your desired name in the Roran.