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Tensho 18 years established long-established fan"ibasen" with a deep history」

Iba Sen was founded by Kanzaemon Ibaya, a merchant from Hamamatsu who went to Edo with Ieyasu Tokugawa. At the time of its founding, Iba Sen was in Nihonbashi, Edo, where it was used by the shogunate and mainly dealt with washi paper, paper products, bamboo products, etc.

In the late Edo period, he began to produce uchiwa fans, and became a publisher of popular painters such as the first generation Utagawa Toyokuni, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, and Utagawa Hiroshige, and sold ukiyo・e prints on uchiwa, gaining popularity.

Please enjoy the style of Edo Uchiwa and Edo Sensu.

Edo uchiwa (uchiwa), which was born in Nihonbashi, Edo, is made from 1 bamboo, all of which have handles and bones.
In addition, Edo sensu is characterized by a simple pattern and extreme"chic".
How about incorporating the stylish commitment of Edokko into modern attire?

2021 伊場仙 夏セール開催⛵

2021 Iseen Summer Sale⛵

It is the annual Iacusen summer sale! Main store August 2-August 6th Online Shop August 1st-August 14th 30% to 50% OFFBecome. In the main store, the set fan and single... Read More

Guide to the inside of the store

江戸扇子とセットの扇子袋 数量限定で発売開始

Launched with Edo fan and set fan bag quantity limited

There are three kinds of fan bag dedicated to Edo fan☆  It is limited to shops and nets. Set of Date Fan and Folding Folding Bags Made in Original. Three... Read More

I will start launching two new works of Koisuya Dimonan Fan

This year's new work is a two-thytime dance fan. Please check it. 25 sets each☆Only stores and online shops can be purchased. Read More

The production process of Sensu

This is the production process for the fan side of the Sensu.I will give you a detailed video of the process of creating a Sensu.

The production process of Sensu (1) (approximately 8 minutes)

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江戸楽 2021年7月号に掲載されました。

Edo Music was published in the July July July issue.

In the Edo Ru July issue, Izu Sen's Edoji fan "Hemp leaf" is introduced. How about Yumi Yumi on one hand of Edo's stylish fan?It is "Habi leaf" that is... Read More