Edo fans set horse nine go (go well) No.15

Well go folding fan

Drive nine rows horse, the horse nine rows Hisashi read all ... "go well". Auspicious, because of the phonetic equivalent, nickname, how to write there in various ways.There is also a sense that "everything will go well," "everything is also going well."
Once upon a time-nine horses horse,
Is said to represent a game luck, fortune, career luck, home luck, love luck, health, luck, business prosperity, good catch fortune of a good harvest, exam pass and nine, have been the luck is good.
In addition, the nine horses that were drawn to the sense is we are all left,"Hidariba" be those auspicious,From the fact that "there is no exit to the right."Raise the game luck, and exhibits an excellent power at the time where most of the gameIt has been said. that's why,Emma's horse is also seems to left.

Wild horse without a flock. The old days "and meet a horse nine horses, good thing there is" might have been said.

Set commodity of a sense bag made from Edo fans and original. It has undergone a Toge繡 of the same horse a sense of pattern.
※ has changed fan bags and the color of the last time.

7.5 cun(22.5cm) baked Susutake

Fan bags: cotton

※ and packaged in a box of dark blue
※ You can not sell fan bag only

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