Edo folding fan conundrum

Edo folding fan "conundrum"Smart play of the Edo era

It is kind of the riddle with "the conundrum". Although I find an excuse and wrote the significance in a letter or the picture, I decipher a meaning. Guess hidden word and thing, meaning right.

"アマビエ" is popular as now, corona end prayer, but, in "a conundrum (make out a thing) to continue from the Edo era ," various meanings are put.

With Edo folding fans such as "むびょう", I pray in hope of an early end of the coronavirus as soon as "I get along well".

Go to horse nine; get along well

When all ... "gets along well with 馬九行駆, 馬九行久 ," I read. If a name, a form are various, for a lucky substitute character, there is it. The wild horse forms groups. It might be said, "it might be good when I could come across the horse of nine horses" in old days.

Six gourd むびょう

Bet gourd of 六瓢 (むびょう) six, 六瓢 on nondisease; and a perfect state of health. In addition, it is a pattern of the good luck to say that wish accomplishes the gourd so that design of a bottle gourd is expressed.


The insect dragonfly keeps winning before.

Plover Chidori

I take 1000, Chidori. In other words, I get most

I hear a good thing

When I let you read a "good" bridge when "you heard" "a thing", Chrysanthemum flower and "heard a good thing ," the ax has been used in a classic of Kabuki.

I do not mind

A pictorial puzzle to read when I match a letter of the "nu" with a sickle and the picture of the ring and "do not mind." In the days of the Edo era Genroku era, it is said that ex-townsman chivalry (まちやっこ) wore it willingly, and Danjurou Ichikawa (1791-1859) uses it for stage costume afterwards for the seventh generation of the Kabuki actor and is said that it was raging among the then common people.