江戸楽 2021年7月号に掲載されました。

Edo Music was published in the July July July issue.

In the Edo Ru July issue, Izu Sen's Edoji fan "Hemp leaf" is introduced. How about Yumi Yumi on one hand of Edo's stylish fan?It is "Habi leaf" that is... Read More

Kyushu Kingdom was published in the May 2021 issue.

This time when the fresh green green is dazzling, this time the early summer smells. The morning and evening is cold, but I feel good as it walks in the... Read More
地球の歩き方 掲載 2021~22 東京 tokyo

How to walk the earth posted 2021 ~ 22 Tokyo tokyo

It was published in How to Walk the Earth. This is a guidebook for those who want to enjoy Tokyo thoroughly, from day trips to stay-type trips. Please discover the... Read More

Monthly Edo Raku 2020 Year 6 month issue published AOI fan

IndiGo is a traditional Japanese color.In summer attireIndiGoThe fan. It has been four and thirty years since the Noren was raised in Nihonbashi.In the Edo period, ibasen, also known as... Read More
月刊江戸楽 2020年6月号 掲載 藍扇子
クールジャパンジャーナルvol-10 特集[世界都市江戸 誕生秘話]2019年12月・2020年1月合併号

Cool Japan journal vol-10 special feature [world city Edo birth secret story] December, 2019 .2020 years January merger

Mr. the thirteenth Edo in bound long-established store interview round fan, folding fan, Japanese paper production sale "伊場仙" representative Makoto Yoshida man (CJJ is an introduction of all editing committee)... Read More

Gekkan Edo-raku: March, 2013, 2013 06 Special Waka Kabuki: Dream Theater● Eitaro Sohonpo/Iba-sen/Tokusoku Main Store Ukiyoe (Japanese woodblock prints) and Uchiwa-e-Special Read More
月刊江戸楽 2013年3月号