地球の歩き方に掲載されました。 2024~25 東京 23区 tokyo 23 wards

Published in Chikyu no Arukikata 2024~25 tokyo 23 wards

Complete coverage of both long-established and new places of interest.A step ahead of the times, where the latest trends and seasons meet!
江戸楽 2023年7月号に新作「小千谷縮扇子」掲載されました。

New "Ojiya Shrink Fans" appeared in the July 2023 issue of Edoraku.

Ojiya Shrink Fans" for chic adults to carry. Introducing "navy blue stripe" and "black and white" in large sizes.

Metabase Ukiyo-e Art Museum is now completed.

Ibasen's Ukiyo-e Museum, which we have been preparing for some time, will beShinwa Wize HoldingsShinwa Wize Holdings Co.The project was completed today on Metaverse with the generous cooperation of Shinwa...
きらり 日本橋 老舗巡り [07] 小冊子のご紹介

Kirari Nihonbashi Long-established Tour [07] Booklet

〜I want to meet you. New Attractions of Edo Tokyo The booklet was created as a project of the Edo Tokyo Kirari Project.
2023年1月20日(金曜)夕刊 読売新聞に掲載されました(p.2)

Published in the evening edition of the Yomiuri Shimbun on Friday, January 20, 2023 (p.2)

Now Style "Friday" Corner: Walking with Edo Willow, Nihonbashi-Kita Nihonbashi bridge, where the snow has not shown its whiteness (excerpt from the title)

Selected as a model project for the Edo-Tokyo Kirari Project this fiscal year

Edo Tokyo Kirari ProjectWe are pleased to announce that we have been selected as a model project for fiscal 2022.
江戸楽 2022年9月号「わたしのお気に入り」に吉田社長が掲載されました。

President Yoshida was featured in "My Favorites" in the September 2022 issue of Edoraku.

President Yoshida's favorite "mountain climbing" is introduced.
NHKの趣味どきっ!に載りました。2022年8−9月 浮世絵特集

It was featured in NHK's "Hobby Dokkit! August-September 2022 Ukiyo-e Special

Experience Ukiyo-e! Real Ukiyo-e LIFE

Featured in the June issue of Edoraku Introducing the reprinted version of "Shikebiki" folding fans filled with traditional techniques.

Shikebiki" folding fans with traditional techniques are now back again.This is a reprint of "Shikebiki" folding fan.
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