江戸楽 付録「小舟町」に伊場仙を特集していただきました。

Ibasen was featured in the Edoraku Appendix "Kobunacho".

Ibasen was introduced in the magazine "Kobunacho" as the goal of Sadatomo Matsudaira's stroll.   The abacus used by Ibasen in the Taisho era (1912-1926) is also introduced in the... Read More
東京きらりプロジェクト 江戸東京リシンク展のカタログに掲載されました。

Tokyo Kirari Project Featured in Edo Tokyo Rethink Exhibition Catalog

p-52. - p59 Women's guest room, Edo fan, Edo fan, IbasenWomen's Guest Room - Edo Uchiwa/Edo Sensu - Ibasen

Ibasen page in the Edo Tokyo Kirari Project

Ibasen's silk fans were introduced in the "LIFE" corner of the Edo-Tokyo Kirari Project,Ibasen's silk fans were introduced in the "LIFE" corner of the Edo Tokyo Kirari Project.
江戸楽2024年5月号に掲載されました。パリを拠点とするJacues Averna 氏が描いた干支をモチーフとした江戸扇子

Featured in the May 2024 issue of Edoraku Edo fans with motifs of the Chinese zodiac painted by Paris-based Jacues Averna

We are pleased to introduce Edo fans of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs and zodiac signs drawn by Jacues Averna, a Paris-based artist who specializes in the design of objects,...

Mademoiselle Nonnon and Ibasen's collaborative Kyo Sensu fans will be available at Mademoiselle Nonnon stores in early April.

Ibasen, a long-established fan store, has tailored modern and beautiful Kyo Sensu using Mademoiselle Non Non Non's original printed fabric dyed by hand-printing.

Ibasen was introduced on the "Oldest shops in Japan" channel.

Ibasen'sThe Five Secret Ways of Ibasen is introduced in detail in this page.

Ibasen page in the Edo Tokyo Kirari Project

Sending out the stylishness of Edo to Japan and abroad through fans and folding fans. The video introduces the company's products.
地球の歩き方に掲載されました。 2024~25 東京 23区 tokyo 23 wards

Published in Chikyu no Arukikata 2024~25 tokyo 23 wards

Complete coverage of both long-established and new places of interest.A step ahead of the times, where the latest trends and seasons meet!
江戸楽 2023年7月号に新作「小千谷縮扇子」掲載されました。

New "Ojiya Shrink Fans" appeared in the July 2023 issue of Edoraku.

Ojiya Shrink Fans" for chic adults to carry. Introducing "navy blue stripe" and "black and white" in large sizes.
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