伊場仙 福袋 令和3年 2021年

伊場仙 福袋 令和3年 2021年

毎年恒例の伊場仙の福袋をご用意しております。伊場仙 福袋 令和3年 2021年1セット 5000円 10個限定となります。 【内容商品】令和扇子、龍村扇子、干支扇子、他和雑貨など盛り沢山です。柄などが写真と異なる商品がございます。予めご了承ください。 17,000円相当の内容になります。この機会をお見逃しなく。 2021年福袋はこちら   Read More

I handle a coupon common throughout GO TO travel area!

Tokyo has also been added to the GO TO Travel from October.We deal with regional common coupons that can be used as a gift for tours and other products.In the... Read More
GO TOトラベル地域共通クーポン取り扱ってます!
店内うちわセール うちわが半額でお求めいただけます。9月30日迄

The round fan sale round fan in the shop is available at half price. Until September 30

At the end of this month, the half price sale of the round fan is over! Because stock runs short, please buy it before it's too late!It is most suitable... Read More

A transparent "water fan" painted with natural varnish is on sale in the store.

"Mizuuchiwa" is thoroughly focused on natural materials. It was born from the rich river culture unique to Gifu and the bamboo crafts of Kagawa and Marugame, such as making hand-made... Read More
天然ニスを塗り重ねた透明な「水うちわ」 店内で販売中。

Ukiyoe-e or Odosan Corner

How about a fan of the Edo fan this summer?   We also prepared a hand-made souven-birth corner. Read More

How about a hand-wiping handle or an Edo-folding fan in a cramped place?

It is a cotton fan with a hand-wiped handle.The patterns of goldfish, tonbo, and water ball are of 17 different kinds.Please choose the handle you like.This summer, such as the... Read More

Screens of Kourin Ogata, Hokusai

Screen Kourin OgataFigure of figure of paper on which a painting is painted ground strewn with gold dust work-colored red-and-white plum rabbit-ear iris   36 Hokusai screen mt. Fuji view... Read More

Please see various kinds of fans in the store, such as decorative fans and Mai fans.

From the right to the lower row decorative fan Mai fan Please see the various fans. Read More