江戸扇子とセットの扇子袋 数量限定で発売開始

Launched with Edo fan and set fan bag quantity limited

There are three kinds of fan bag dedicated to Edo fan☆  It is limited to shops and nets. Set of Date Fan and Folding Folding Bags Made in Original. Three... Read More

I will start launching two new works of Koisuya Dimonan Fan

New yearThe new size of the ojiya Shoko fan has come out! The color is dark blue and black. ☆Each 25 sets are limited☆Store and online shop only. I made... Read More

Mother's Day recommended fan

This year's Mother's Day is May 9 (Sun). We picked up a recommended fan from Sacisen to Mother's Day. How about gratitude to your mother who is always indebted?Mother's sunrise... Read More

Special gifts with a fan name and a good luck fan recommended for retirement celebration

This season isThe retirement of the boss who was taken care of,Little retirement and movement of colleagues and subordinates who have worked together as comradesIt will be at a time.... Read More
定年退職のお祝いにおすすめの扇子 名入れや吉祥扇子で特別な贈り物を

Hina dolls are displayed at the IBASEN Ukiyo-e Museum.

Please see "Ibasen Ukiyo-e Museum" from the right side of Ibasen. Hina-sama's "Hinogi" is also displayed. You can enjoy it again if you know the tools that Hina-sama has... Read More

How about a folding fan to prevent splashes?

"Folding fans" are attracting attention for the prevention of infection with the new coronavirus. How about Ibasen's folding fan as a measure to prevent splashes? Indigo-dyed folding fan with 100%... Read More
伊場仙 福袋 令和3年 2021年

Iba-sen Fukurokubukuro Reiwa 2021, 1721

We offer annual Izasen's lucky bag.Iseen Fuku Bags Ordinance 3 years 20211 set 5000 yen It will be limited to 10. [Contents Products]A lot of excitement such as the Danjo... Read More

I handle a coupon common throughout GO TO travel area!

Tokyo has also been added to the GO TO Travel from October.We deal with regional common coupons that can be used as a gift for tours and other products.In the... Read More
GO TOトラベル地域共通クーポン取り扱ってます!
店内うちわセール うちわが半額でお求めいただけます。9月30日迄

The round fan sale round fan in the shop is available at half price. Until September 30

At the end of this month, the half price sale of the round fan is over! Because stock runs short, please buy it before it's too late!It is most suitable... Read More

A transparent "water fan" painted with natural varnish is on sale in the store.

"Mizuuchiwa" is thoroughly focused on natural materials. It was born from the rich river culture unique to Gifu and the bamboo crafts of Kagawa and Marugame, such as making hand-made... Read More
天然ニスを塗り重ねた透明な「水うちわ」 店内で販売中。