7-7 fir tree foil wisteria / maples

Ornamental Kyoto fan dance fan type

It is a decorative fan of the dance fan standard. It is a decorative fan with a length of about 28.5 cm and a width of about 50 cm (open). The front and back sides have different patterns, so you can enjoy it twice according to the season and usage. It will be a hand-painted decorative fan.
* It will take about one week for delivery.

The artist drew it in black on the elegant foil. The wisteria, which is represented by shades, stands out for its gracefulness, and the back is colored leaves. Because it is black and white, you can enjoy both the green maple and the autumn leaves dyed in bright red.
* The image shows the patterns on the front and back.

Folding fan bone material / black-painted bamboo
Size / 9 inch 5 minutes (about 29 cm)
Number of bones / 10
Double-sided painting
Handwriting by pattern / painter
Domestic folding fan / Kyoto folding fan Made in Japan
Gold leaf material-Book fir foil / This is the highest grade foil in the dance fan size decorative fan that we sell. Recommended for genuine customers.

[Folding fan stand is sold separately] [There is a special paulownia box for gifts] [Usually, it is set in a special paper box. ]If you purchase the folding fan and stand together, we will deliver them in a set box. The folding fan stand can be used both as a stand and as a wall mount. The decorative fan is fragrance-free.
The separately sold fan stand[6 inch black-painted bamboo stand][6 inch sesame bamboo stand]Please choose from.
6 inch sesame bamboo stand6 inch black-painted bamboo stand
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