Edo Senko No.29 Double-sided Pattern Nami Chidori Blue Sea Wave

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The "Nami Chidori" depicted with waves and water is a metaphor for the world between waves, meaning "overcoming rough seas together," and is considered an auspicious design for marital bliss and domestic safety.

Chidori" also means "Chidori" also has the meaning of "victory" and "achievement of goals" because of the logo combination of "Chidori" and "Chidori Ri".

Fan bag, blue sea wave, for 7.5".It is best when used in combination with the "Fan Bag: Blue Ocean Waves for 7.5".https://www.ibasen.co.jp/collections/fanbag-7-5/products/fanbag-75-asanoha


What is "HANJIMONO"?

A "hanjimono" is a kind of riddle. It is a riddle to solve the meaning of a character or picture that has been written under the guise of a certain significance. It is to guess the meaning of a hidden word or thing.

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7.5" x 7.5(22.5cm) Bamboo

Made by Ijasen

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