Doodle writings on the wall of the storehouse by Kuniyoshi Utagawa

Doodle writings on the wall of the storehouse

1847 (Around Koka 4)

The Book of the Baozo Wall Kuniyoshi Uagawa

Since the Tempo Reforms, there had been an injunction against the publication of yakusha ukiyoe. In an attempt to get them published, artists and publishers devised new ways of publishing them.

The artists and publishers tried to publish the picture, saying, "This is not Ukiyo-e. It is a graffiti.

People at that time could see Utaemon, Koshiro and Umeko. The cat in the middle is a two-tailed cat. They are dancing happily.

This kind of playful spirit is what makes us feel luxurious.





This one is called a kugie which is drawn as a scribble scratched with a nail by Kuniyoshi's hand.
There are also other portraits of actors, such as "Shiromen-joheki no muda-eki" (White face with laughing wall).

Other characters such as "Everyone looks like laughing" and "Of course as usual" signatures such as "Kuniyoshi drawing" and the seal of the publisher Ibasen are also written in the same style of nail drawing. This is a piquant style that can be seen in today's manga comics as well.