7-10 Books Foil Green Matsu / Married Woman

Decorated Kyosan

It is a decorative fan of Mai fan standard. It is a decorative fan of about 28.5 cm vertically and about 50 cm wide. Since the surface, the back side, each different pattern, it can be enjoyed twice according to the season / application. It will be a hand drawn ornament fan.

※ Delivery will be about one week.
Matsu, which keeps green green all year round while enduring the snowfall, has been respected as a symbol of "longevity". In addition, cranes have been worshiped as a kind of bird, a bird that is a thousands of new birds in China. It is a perfect dish for celebration ornaments and gifts.

Folded Material / Black-painted bamboo
Size / 9 dimensions 5 minutes (approximately 29 cm)
Number of bones / 10
Hand writing by pattern / painter
Domestic Fan / Kyosan Made in Japan
Gold Foil Material-Book Foil / Mai Handling Mai Handing Size Ornament Fan is the highest grade foil. Recommended for genuine oriented customers.

[Folding fan is sold separately] [dedicated set paper box included]A fan platform is both on the stand and wall hanging. Ornament fan is anchoring.
Open fan platform[6 dimensions and plaster tailored table set box][6 sombers Takejo set box]Please choose more.
6-dimensional somber Takettle set box6 Dimp and Painted Takejo Set Box
* There is also a dedicated box for gifts. Please contact us.
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