7-14 Book fir foil Sakura / Autumn leaves

Fan of Kyoto fan

It is an ornamental fan of maiko. It is about 28.5 cm wide and about 50 cm wide. Because it is different pattern on the surface and the back, I enjoyed it twice to season and use.
* it takes about one week for delivery.

It is a hand drawn decoration fan. The hand of the painter who is hand-painted depicts vivid cherry and red leaves. It is beautiful and comfortable, and the atmosphere is comfortable.
* the image is printed on the surface and back.

Fan material / black bamboo bamboo
Size: 9 cm
Number of bones / 10
Both sides
Handwriting by pattern / Painter
Japanese fan / Kyoto fan maid in Japan
Gold leaf material - honami foil / maiko fan, which is handled by our company, is the most highly talented foil. Recommended for customers who are genuine.
Xe 009

[fan] is sold separately. )When you buy a fan and a stand together, put the two in the set box and deliver it. Fans can use both stand and wall hanging. Decorated sensu is fragrance free.
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